Hanoi Tours

Hanoi is a city with more than a thousand years of history and culture. It became the capital of Vietnam in 1010 and right now. Considered as Vietnam's most charming city, Hanoi is home to about 5 million people. Less vibrant and more reserved than its cousin to the south, Hanoi is a great place to explore on foot. If Ho Chi Minh City is defined by hustle and bustle and people on the move, Hanoi's trademark is green parks and tranquil lakes. Booking Tours to Hanoi and package tour to Hanoi or Hanoi Day Trips with us now!

A View at Hanoi and Halong bay
4-Day Halong Bay and Hanoi City Tour
Rate from: $298
The thousand years history and architectures as well as it's authentic delicacies cruise, swimming, relaxing in the a world heritage site Halong Bay...
Hanoi Lite Tour 3 Days
3-Day Hanoi and Duong Lam Village Tour
Rate from: $228
Hanoi is located in the Red River Delta, in the center of North Vietnam. Hanoi means "the hinterland between the rivers". Throughout the thousand years of its eventful history, marked by destruction...
Hanoi - Hoa Lu - Tam Doc
1-Day Hoa Lu and Tam Coc Tour
Rate from: $23
The area of Tam Coc and Hoa Lu is characterised by the limestone geology that gives rise to the towering karsts that make this picturesque area so unique...
Hanoi - Halong Tour 2 Days
2-Day Hanoi and Halong Bay Tour
Rate from: $186
Hanoi is a capital with a millennium-long history. The architecture includes some of the most known Vietnamese classic monuments, decaying but relatively intact examples of French colonial buildings...
Hanoi Stopover 3 Days Tour
3-Day Hanoi Tour
Rate from: $286
Welcome to Hanoi City Tour – The city of lakes, full of charm, the center of Vietnamese culture, economy. The Hanoi Stopover tour is designed for those who are either on business trip to Hanoi...
Shopping Inside and Outside Hanoi
4-Day Hanoi City Tour
Rate from: $150
Are you a BIG shopper? Are you fond of local artifacts? Check up the Vietnamese galleries and craft shops after visiting art museums and cottage villages surrounding the capital city...