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The Best Way to explore Halong Bay

Updated: 22/08/2013
There are many different ways travelers can choose to explore the breathtaking sceneries of Halong Bay, from renting a car and organizing their own trips with their desired itineraries or booking a tour with travel agency. Those at a higher budget also have the option of seeing Halong Bay with a helicopter. However, most of tourists who have been visited this charming world heritage would agree that the best way to spend holiday in this bay is to get on a junk and have a cruise trip.

In general, a cruise trip is a special kind of tour on which travelers sail with a ship to the allured Halong Bay and visit several attractions here. On the standard itineraries of cruise trip, various destinations on the surface of this bay, predominantly rock islands and grottos, are visited, along with places with human living such as Titov Islands or floating fishing villages. Besides the see-sighting parts on these locations, travelers can also participate in wide range of exciting activities held by the cruise crew members on the crystal clear water of Bai Tu Long Bay, like swimming, snorkeling or kayaking through dark limestone caves. A cruise trip have different duration, with shortest is one day and longest is 4 days with 3 nights on-board. A rush traveler might choose a day trip, but if tourists have adequate time, they are highly recommended to spend at least one night on the boat to enjoy the tranquil darkness of the bay.

Some might question that why trip on cruise is the best way to spend holiday in Halong Bay. The first reason is apparent, as Halong Bay is an oceanic territory, so that a cruise trip is definitely the best method to explore the beauty of seashore area here. But the more “fascinating” reason is that, a cruise trip might bring unforgettable and unique moments to travelers, which cannot be experienced in other types of tours. First unique experience is truly the peaceful and tranquil feeling of relaxing on a ship in the middle of one of the most spectacular bay in the world, and enjoying airy atmosphere and light sunshine on the sundeck. Secondly, the cruise offers travelers chances to join in series of joyful activities on the bay water’s that they might not attend elsewhere, like a short rowing boat trip to limestone grottos, or difficult squid fishing at night. Last but not least, cruises in Halong Bay are being operated by professional firms with courteous and well-trained crew members, so that the standard of their quality and luxury is much higher than other tourism-service providers, and travelers feel worth every penny they spend.

A cruise trip in Halong Bay is the best way to explore this charming wonder of nature, or simply a vacation with families and friends. Two or three day trips will allow travelers to experience different exciting moments, but they surely never forget them for the rest of their lives, and once they have opportunities, they will return to have those wonderful feeling one more time. One can book the cruise trip directly on site or through an agent’s website (such as http://www.bestvietnamvacations.com/halongbaycruises/), which may sometimes offer a better deals.
Source: Halong Glory Cruise