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Halong Bay Cruises

What is the Halong Cruise?

Ha Long Bay is undoubtedly Asia’s most enchanting destination, defined by a myriad of limestone island formations rising out of the emerald waters.

Why Halong bay Cruise?

  • Fun and relaxing with Cooking Class, Tai Chi, Kayaking, Swimming...
  • Beautiful natural scenery and many historical relics
  • Great Onboard Experience

At Vietnam Travel Packages, we feel that a cruise on the Halong bay, is something that any tourist to the region would not want to miss, as it offers unique encounters with Vietnam's rich cultural heritage as well as some spectacular vistas that will remain forever etched in one's memory.

Starlight Halong Cruise
Starlight Halong Cruise
Launched: 2009 Number of Cabins: 32 cabin(s)

Having its ships name after famous constellations like Leo, Gemini, apparently the concept of Starlight Cruise is inspired from those legends of stars. Starlight Cruise firstly established in May 2013, making it the newest cruising brand in Halong Bay...

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